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To Be 'Me'


To Be 'Me' Poster, photo of a young person in school uniform who has bruises on the face

"This film tells the story of Htet Soe Naung, who, from childhood has been so feminine, soft and lacking the courage to face the struggles of life and as a queer person. His identity clashed with the dreams and wishes of his parents. He seeks to find himself while wearing several masks that conform to social norms and the expectations of people around him. As he tries to escape discrimination and bullying, he unexpectedly begins to discover and embrace who he really is.

Will society accept and allow him to live true to his own identity? What would he have to abandon and face in order to live with his truth and to be himself? Would he be able to stand tall and proud with his community? Would Htet Soe Naug become the Queer Hero?"



Rainbow Alliance


Rainbow Alliance is a youth-led LGBT organization in Myanmar. It was founded in December 2017 by young people who are from different backgrounds such as religions, gender and indigenous groups. They developed a plan to raise the voices of LGBT+ youth and advocate for the acceptance and recognition of their voices. Since then, they have been pursuing activities dedicated to the empowerment and advocacy of LGBT+ youth.