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Literary Work

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A new portal opens on your device, and you are invited to immerse in the stories of how a Malaysian takes root in Singapore while navigating their identity.

Set amidst the city-state’s National Day celebrations across 1966, 1999, and 2020, our protagonists in each time period trudges against the currents of the social order to carve out a space in which they belong. Even in a city that is commonly regarded as a Southeast Asian ideal, queer migrants continue to wrestle between their sense of home, their ambitions, and the familial and societal expectations. Our love may be intertwined with politics, but through that, we see courage, sacrifice, and hope.

The format in which you’ll experience this trilogy allows you to be in the shoes of the diverse identities in all of our interconnected histories. Inspired by the malleability of the .API (application programming interface), we hope to continue crafting and sharing narratives that would shape the future of the region’s shared experiences.

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F9 - Fine

Singapore and Malaysia

The F9 — Fine is a collective that is composed of Benedict Lim who writes, Weiqin Chay who curates, and Justin Chua who designs. Through immersive, thought-provoking narratives, they empower the marginalized to reclaim their identities, weaving a tapestry of their memories to bring their stories to light. | |


Experience their stories here.

Tell your story in thenational.api: Journeying Between the Lines on 28 Feb, 1:00 pm (GMT+8). Registration open until 21 Feb.

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