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To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand


To Stride with Pride Poster, image of a person walking proudly on the street, with a rainbow flag as background

"To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand" is an 18-minute video produced by civil journalist and documentarian, Jeffrey Warner (with linguistic support from Tanyarat Promburom), that informs about brave people who are striving toward attaining civic equity and societal equality. This is in a country where social activism is largely forbidden and can be quite dangerous.

With a blending of seriousness and light-heartedness, this film brings you to the lively streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand. There, you stride with pride in the 2020 Chiang Mai Pride Parade, with hundreds of others who are standing up for human rights.

Big-hearted folks from and supporting of the LGBTQI community, plus those from other marginalized social groups such as sex workers, those who are disabled (other-abled), and indigenous peoples, join in solidarity.

In this bi-lingual (subtitled) video, Sirisak "Ton" Chaited movingly shares with us about some challenges this demographic community faces. Ton details what happened in 2009 and why, how that impacted them, what has changed, and where this movement is headed...


a girl holding a toy

Sirisak "Ton" Chaited


Sirisak “Ton” Chaited is an LGBTIQ activist from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Jeffrey Warner profile photo. Sitting, reviewing photos on his DSLR camera

Jeffrey Warner


Jeffrey Warner is a civil journalist, documentarian-storyteller, and multimedia artist. While focusing primarily on capitalism development impacts, social change patterns, and resilience, Jeffrey specializes in open-minded interpersonal communication that engages an array of people from diverse ages and cultures. From the USA, Jeffrey has for nearly a decade been living in northern Thailand. He's been studying and documenting how some of the region's marginalized people are being social-ecologically impacted by development phenomena and what does this potentially means for humankind. Jeffrey is motivated by collaboration in building communication bridges that cultivate social capital and positive societal change.

Regarding SEAQCF, Jeffrey said: "My job here was (and is) to document an important historical human rights related event that happened in Thailand, the progression of this movement, and to support those such as Sirisak 'Ton' Chaited who are on the frontlines of striving for human rights, equity, and equality."