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Visual Art

Queerator Poster, the text 'Queerator' with a yellow star in the middle

Queerator is one of the first projects in Vietnam with the aim of keeping the history of the queer community alive through public display. By connecting the polarity of queer and non-queer through art, Queerator hopes to become a experimental playground for a mutual understanding of queerness.


nguyen vu viet anh photo

Nguyen-Vu Viet Anh


Nguyen-Vu Viet Anh (they/them) is a Vietnamese young spirit who self-identifies as queer. Viet Anh encourages their audience to enjoy the ambiguity of gender by guessing what pronoun they use. Viet Anh can spend a whole night painting things from memory or watching the night fade away, and in the morning return to researching about “queer stuff”. They are the Director of "Queerator".