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Queer Skin

Visual Art

queer skin flashmob poster

This photo exhibition expresses the pride in every queer person, including those whose gender identities have been oppressed and marginalised. The pride that we hold have been reflected in the social and political movements in Thailand. Even though Thai LGBTIQ communities face traditional cultural challenges, they stand firm in who they truly are against these imposed norms. Their identities have never been erased but are instead strengthened and empowered from within.


Pong Charan


A Thai fashion designer and LGBTIQ rights advocate


Kekey Fuey identifies as queergender/biromantic/asexual.

Panan Chanya identifies as a woman / transgender.

Priest identifies as intergender/intersex.

Kornkanok Khumta identifies as woman / pansexual.

Ninar identifies as queer.

Jim identifies as Queer transman.

Catherine identifies as non-binary.

Raptor identifies as queer.

Subhisara Srimaharaja identifies as transfeminine.
Petroi Watcharapisut identifies as gender fluid.

These beautiful people all helped to make this project happen.