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Nawa Cumantaka


Nawa Cumantaka Poster, monochromatic image of a person sitting on a chair, with two bright pink flowers covering the face

Nawa Cumantaka is a video storybook that narrate the stories of queer people in Bandung, Indonesia from the period of early 1980s to the 2000s. The stories are told by gay, lesbian, trans, and queer individuals and couples, accompanied by beautiful photographs of them in 2020. In tracing these local narratives, Nawa Cumantaka seeks to preserve the history and struggles of queer people in Bandung during that period, which then become part of collective memory and helps re-define how queerness is viewed.


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Panggung Minoritas


Panggung Minoritas is an initiative that aims to provide a safe space to learn, discuss, and express experiences and issues relating to being a minority in Indonesia.