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My Voice, My Story in Cambodia


My Voice My Story Poster, elderly queer couple holding up a rainbow flag

Cambodia remains to be a conservative society. Social and cultural norms have controlled LGBTIQ lives. In this short documentary, CamASEAN, a youth organization, harnessed the power of visual and performing arts in changing minds and hearts of villagers across the country. With the help of mobile phones & arts, ordinary folks were mobilized to capture and narrate their own stories for change.






CamASEAN Youth’s future envisions Cambodia and ASEAN countries to advocate for peace by promoting, respecting, protecting, and fulfilling human rights, while pushing for socio-economic justice of minorities, marginalised and diverse citizens. It aims for people in Cambodia and ASEAN to receive equal respect, acceptance, and protection from all sectors within the society. Its mission is to combat discrimination against minorities and diverse people including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI), young girls living with HIV/AIDs, sex workers, drug users, people with disabilities, widowed/single parents, elderly people, and indigenous and other ethnic people by strengthening the capacities of activists pushing for their rights. CamASEAN is a Cambodian-led group responding to the needs of the Cambodian young community regardless of educational attainment and location. It creates a space to practice choice freely and by themselves, the desire to live independently and to learn and develop skills and knowledge to build a peaceful world.