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Visual Art

Lovewins Poster, people in a pride parade holding posters and a rainbow flag

Lovewins is a collection of artwork made through mixed techniques of spray painting stencils of queer and human rights quotes. The artist, 100perhuman, started their collection as their final thesis. In 2019, they collaborated with Chiang Mai Pride 2019 and let people who participate in the pride parade choose their quotes on stencil or spray paint on their clothes. The quotes include Thai, English, and Chinese languages for Thai and non-Thai queer people and their allies to join the activism with small and fun artworks. 100perhuman continues to spray paint their artwork on t-shirts because they are accessible to many people and allow them to communicate their messages to the public through their bodies. This way, these people can support the LGBTQ community and human rights on a daily basis.




I’m very interested in human rights and political issues. Ever since I was a student, I have been working on art that deals with these themes mostly through the use of graffiti. The reason why I love graffiti is because it allows me to easily and straightforwardly communicate with people.