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Liku: Off and On Stage


Liku: Off and On Stages Poster, face of a traditional Balinese performer

Liku: Off and On Stages delves into the queer tradition of Balinese performing arts through an in-depth research about the character, ‘Liku’. The short documentary film and archive on the website is an initial step in a project that we will continue working on.

Liku is one of the iconic crossdressing characters in Balinese performing arts whose appearance is always anticipated by audiences. Liku builds interactive jokes and subtly inserts educational information based on the theme of the plays. People who perform Liku transfer their knowledge and sensitivity about certain issues to the story development, content improvisation, and the actual performance. Plays that feature Liku are often held in temple ceremonies, cultural festivals, and other events such as traditional weddings, tooth-fillings, birthday banquets, and engagement receptions.

Kepala Putik Artist Logo

Kepala Putik

Kepala Putik is a zine and collective with an initiative to widen safe space for queer to share their experiences.

The idea originated from the intention of listening to various perspectives of queer friends' daily conception, be it as individuals, organizations, idealism, activism, and/or advocacy.

Those personal and everyday choices are internalized and shaping political decisions.